Southern Inn is proud to be a part of such a wonderful community and we feel the need to give back and support the causes that are important to the residents that make up this special town.  If you would like Southern Inn’s help in supporting your cause please reach out to us and we will take your request into consideration and contact you as soon as possible.

Event Sponsorship
Southern Inn would provide support an event, activity, person or organization financially or through the provision of goods and services

Charitable Contributions
Southern Inn would make a contribution to an organization which is officially created for charitable, religious,educational, scientific, artistic, literary, or other good works.

Gifts in Kind / Gift Certificates
Southern Inn would provide goods and services in lieu of cash contributions.  Examples would include food or gift certificates

Matching Gift Certificates
Southern Inn would contribute a matching amount to someone buying a gift certificate to support an event, activity, person or organization.

Catering Request for Fundraiser
Southern Inn would provide catering services for an event at a reduced negotiated rate.